A student is truly triumphant only if he is successful in and out of the classroom. A truly educated student thrives in both his professional and personal lives.

We offer the CBSE curriculum with excellent methodology that is designed to inspire a generation that constantly seeks variations and challenges. The school follows the syllabus as prescribed by the NCERT.


  • The school functions between 09.00 am and 03.30 pm for all grades.
  • The children are expected to report to school by 08.40 am.


It is believed that most of the growth in children happens when they are quite young, around the first decade of their lives. Our world class education system is both wholesome and comprehensive, that guides them to find their own preferred niche for the future. We cherish the child inside each of our students and there is no dissention regarding their right to play and learn from their peer group. This helps to light the feelings of self-assurance and independence in their minds, which will shape them into sanguine adults who can face any adversity with assurance.